Quick Review: Burnout Revenge [Nostalgia]


Developer: Criterion Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date: September 13 2005 (NA)
Played Platform: PS2
Last Time Played: 2009

Things I like:

  • Thrill of taking down your opponents
  • Driving fast cars (200+ mph), especially with nitro
  • Different events the game offers

Things I did not like:

  • Had to turn off the Takedown camera after a few hours because it broke my concentration on the race
  • After getting Takedown’ed, the game takes awhile for you to spawn again
  • Most of the time, when you spawned after getting Takedown’ed, you get takedown’ed again from a big vehicle (eg. truck) or on-coming traffic since you’re trying to catch up to the 1st place car

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