Quick Review: Bully: The Scholarship Edition


Developer: Rockstar Vancouver
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Release Date:
 October 21, 2008 (PC)
Played Platform:
PC (with a 360 controller)

Things I liked:

  • Playing as a student in an open-world school setting
  • Being somewhat of a bully
  • Learn multiple fighting moves
  • Playing dodgeball with the nerds against the jocks

Things I did not liked:

  • Weak story line
  • Console port to the PC is horrible
  • Camera angle sometimes messes up
  • Can only ride a bicycle
  • The bike class (you need to do the analog move before the prompt asks you)
  • Constantly pressing the A button to run/ride the bicycle
  • Not sure what specific class is today (separated to only morning or afternoon)
  • People constantly stealing my bicycle after a cutscene
  • Can’t do anything after the curfew time
  • No fast travel (only the school bus to take you back to the academy)

I realized that I have more cons than pros for this game. I was hoping that this game would be on par with the GTA franchise.

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