Quick Review: NFL Street [Nostalgia]


Developer: EA Tiburon, EA Sports Big
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date: January 13, 2004
Played Platform: PS2
Last Time Played: April 11, 2008

Things I liked:

  • Playing street football (limited rules compared to regular football)
    • No flags, no referees, no punts, 7 vs 7
  • Making a custom team in NFL Challenge
    • Custom: team name, team logo, individual players, outfit
  • Doing jukes and styles while running across the field
  • Playing pick-up games (similar to your own fantasy team)
  • Gamebreaker – stiff arming and getting broken tackles when running down the “field”

Things I did not liked:

  • NFL Challenge is almost impossible without a second player
  • The camera moves when the CPU does a fake throw that I know it is coming; can’t see my guy when going for a sack
  • Sometimes, it does not select the player that I want to use when trying to tackle someone running down the field
  • Development points in NFL Challenge is limited; need to pick the challenges carefully
  • 1st down is set regardless of where you start
  • Gamebreaker – hard to defend against an opponent with an active gamebreaker

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