Quick Review: SpyHunter


Developer: Paradigm Entertainment

Publisher: Midway Games

Release Date: September 24, 2001

Played Platform: PS2

Things I liked:

  • Plethora of weapons to choose from
    • Front (homing missile, machine gun, EMP, laser)
    • Back (oil, fire, smoke)
  • Car transforms when in the water and road
  • Being a spy and shooting bad guys from a car
  • Car changes to bike (when health gets low)
  • Replayability (unlock cheats when completing in the amount of time; completing every objectives)

Things I did not liked:

  • Weak story line (a lot of reading)
  • Useless button mapping
    • Triangle = rear view mirror (the rear view mirror shows up when an enemy is behind you)
    • X accelerates and press X twice to boost
  • Reverse the car is complicated (need to hold the down button and hold X)
  • Short tutorial (doesn’t teach you much = need to look at the controller options)
  • Animation going from land to water is slightly delayed
  • Need to complete every objectives altogether (can’t complete one then complete another objective on the next try)
  • No map/navigation

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