Quick Review: NBA 2K17


Developer: Visual Concepts

Publisher: 2K Sports

Release Date: September 20, 2016

Played Platform: PS4

DISCLAIMER: This is only from playing MyCareer (1 season – 82 games) and being my first NBA 2K.

Things I liked:

  • Right analog stick (pro stick) for shooting and dribbling
    • Different release depending on the player
  • For hardcore basketball fans
    • Need to know the game of basketball (pick and roll, positions, reasons of the foul, etc.)
  • College experience story line
  • Playing from your POV
  • Orange juice with Justice Young!

Things I did not liked:

  • Right analog stick (pro stick) for shooting and dribbling
    • Accidentally do the ball behind the back move and lose the ball
  • A lot of loading times
    • Disrupts the flow of the game
  • Can’t walk/multitask
    • Reading text messages
    • Can’t move while doing different scrimmages (1-on-1, constant 3-on-3, etc.)
  • Wished I could open the calendar when I’m in the practice gym without going back to myCourt
  • Face customization
    • No description of where it’s changing; need to figure it out based on the image
    • No variety of skin color
  • Not a lot of colleges to choose from
  • Can’t start a conversation to other people from your phone
  • Don’t know when the hang out session ends when someone texts you to hang out
  • Can’t simulate the game and also be able to have the day off in the next day
  • Teammate AI sucks a lot of times
    • Even with a high reputation, teammates don’t pass you the ball when you ask
    • Accidentally passes again because the call button is the same button for pass (X)



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