Review: Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition



Developer: Guerrilla Games
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Date: February 28, 2017 | December 5, 2017 (Complete Edition)
Played Platform: PS4

I was hesitant in purchasing this game when it first came out because I did not want to spend many hours in one game. However, when the complete edition came out, I pulled the trigger. I have not played the DLC section of the game, but I beat the main game.

The game starts of somewhere in the year 3021 where machines and humans coexist on earth. You begin playing as Aloy as a child mentored by Rost, an outcast of a tribe. After multiple events as a child, the game jumps to when Aloy is eighteen (18) years old and she is trying to figure out where she came from and who her mother is.

The game takes a few seconds to load, but afterwards, you are free to go anywhere. You are able to replenish your health through medicine plants spread across the map or by consuming potions that you can craft or buy from merchants. After completing a few main quests, you have the ability to override machines that can help you in combat and/or able to mount.

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170217074927

This game offers you a skill tree similar to Borderlands or The Witcher 3 to enhance Aloy in combat. The combat mechanic adds variety in how to approach an enemy. You can either fight head-on or doing a stealth kill (after getting the upgrade). Also, there are different types of weapons that you are able to wield. You can buy better weapons through merchants and the weapons can give you different attributes to assist in killing the enemies; fire/cold/poison arrow. Additionally, Aloy attains a device called the focus that she is able to use it to see weak points in machines, highlight a target, etc.



Personally for me, I am not comfortable using the analog stick to aim so I had trouble aiming precisely on enemies. Additionally, I have trouble when I am trying to aim at a machine that is jumping towards me while changing to a different ammo because I ran out. Lastly, when you are in the focus mode, Aloy cannot run for some odd reason. Besides these problems, I believe is a solid game.

Here are some things that can help you if you are planning on playing this. I suggest to always over-level before doing a mission so that it would be easier. Stock on potions by getting ingredients and crafting them or by buying them from merchants. When meeting a new merchant, get the free loot box that contains things that may be useful. Last but not least, get the golden fast travel pack so that you are able to go to different areas without wasting currency/fast travel pack.

*If you want to fully grasp the environment, I suggest to change the HUD under settings to dynamic so that HUDs that you do not necessarily need disappear while walking around.


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