About Me

Hello! My name is Leo, but I go by aeromentality or just aero. I am a Korean-Brazilian currently living in the US. I have been playing games since I was a little kid and the first FPS game that I can remember playing was Wolfenstein 3D.Throughout my years, I have been playing a lot of console games such as SNES, GameBoy (all the way to Advance), and the good ole PS2. Now, I mainly focus on PC. Hopefully I’ll be able to interact with you guys and talk about games!

First Stream was in February 21, 2015

Some facts about me:

  • Age: 27
  • Currently Residing: GA, USA
  • Anime/Manga Lists: Anime | Manga
  • Instruments (play a little bit): acoustic guitar (1, 2), bass guitar, cajon, drums