Quick Review: inFAMOUS: Second Son


Developer: Sucker Punch Productions

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date: March 21, 2014

Played Platform: PS4


A good sandbox game if you enjoy superpowers and cause havoc. Especially for the price that I paid for this ($10).

Things I liked:

  • Sandbox game in Seattle
    • Explore around and doing side-missions
  • Travel around the map with superpowers
    • Reminded me of the game Prototype
    • Different types of attacks
  • Can switch powers by draining their respective attribute
    • Each power is somewhat unique
  • Can choose to be the good or bad guy
  • Interesting use of the Dualshock 4
    • Holding a spray can and spraying walls – need to get used to it because I’m left-handed
    • Using the pad in the middle as a touchpad to do various actions
  • Able to 100% without a walkthrough guide

Things I did not liked:

  • Can’t use the melee attack while mid-air
  • Can’t swim
  • Can’t reset the camera while running around while trying to kill enemies
    • Or at least have a lock on feature
  • Accidentally kills civilians in the middle of battle
  • Can’t skip cutscenes
    • The developers said that it’s either cutscenes or a loading screen to load the map and such
  • Encountered bugs in the last mission
    • Went through the wall while climbing the building
    • The final boss disappeared when battling
  • It’s a lot easier to build up the special attack as an evil person compared to a good person
  • EDIT (8/6/17): 
    • You can’t use the smoke special skill (Arial drop) with a low ceiling
    • Checkpoints in this game on some missions are far apart

Quick Review: Spec Ops: The Line


Developer: Yager Development

Publisher: 2K Games

Release Date: June 26, 2012

Played Platform: PC


An underrated game with bad controls, but should be played at least once.

Things I liked:

  • The story line
    • Inspired by the book Heart of Darkness and the movie Apocalypse Now – Haven’t seen the movie or read the book, but it reminded me a little bit of another movie (Fight Club)
    • You begin to ask questions to yourself while progressing through the story
  • Using the environment to your advantage (although is part of the game progression)
  • Commanding your allies to execute a command (throw a flashbang or kill an enemy)

Things I did not liked:

  • Limited options
    • Can’t change the mouse sensitivity – had to change my mouse DPI
  • Spacebar is used for a lot of actions (run, jump when prompted, take cover)
    • Can’t just jump down – need to press spacebar when prompted
    • Running and taking cover should have been in two different buttons
  • Can’t jump
  • Loud BGM (by default) – can’t understand what to do

Quick Review: The Last Guardian


Developer: SIE Japan Studio

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: December 6, 2016

Played Platform: PS4


This is an amazing game with beautiful scenes, but not my style of game-play.

Things I liked:

  • Interesting concept for a game
  • Cinematic
    • Scenes when Trico helps you when you’re about to die after jumping off
    • Should be made into a movie
  • Trico acts like a pet, although his big size
  • The FOV can see yourself and Trico with the scenery behind
  • Become invested into the characters while going through the game

Things I did not liked:

  • Had trouble in the very beginning
    • No guidance of what to actually do
  • Button smashing mechanic
    • Need to smash buttons in order to “wake up” after death and break free from the enemies
  • Trico
    • Had trouble controlling him – didn’t know that he needs to see you so that he’ll do the action
  • Camera
    • Angles makes your character movement weird and hard to control
    • Clunky movement controls
    • Some parts of the game becomes a plat-former, but due to the camera, it’s tough – constantly falling off after a jump

Quick Review: The Last Of Us [Remastered]


Developer: Naughty Dog

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date: June 14, 2013 (Remastered: July 29, 2014)

Played Platform: PS4


Things I liked:

  • Stealth mechanism
    • Use of shiv to kill clickers
    • I always used this method before relying on guns
    • Using bottles and bricks to distract them – realized later in the game that bricks are stronger than bottles
    • Listen mechanism to see what enemies are around you
    • Moving the analog stick slowly so that clickers won’t hear you
  • Ammo and equipment are sparse
  • Upgrade-able weapons and stats
  • Different types of weapons
    • Build different types of creative weapons
    • Need to find recipe first in order to build them
  • Play as Ellie (main story and DLC)
  • Good Guy Naughty Dog – Keeping your loot after an event (unlike the Uncharted series) [didn’t want to spoil what event]

Things I did not liked:

  • Melee could be improved
    • When I swung the first strike, it looks like it’s going to hit, but it doesn’t
    • Can’t choose to use fists if you’re holding a melee weapon
  • Can’t backtrack to see what loot you can get
    • The path is blocked

Things that came to mind:

  • ON THE FENCE – use of the Dualshock 4 to recharge the flashlight’s battery (same as Uncharted 4)
  • Would have probably enjoyed more of the story if I didn’t know that there would be a sequel coming out

Quick Review: Wizorb


Developer: Tribute Games

Publisher: Tribute Games

Release Date: September 29, 2011

Played Platform: PC


Things I liked:

  • Heavily-inspired art style from The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past
  • Breakout with a RPG element
    • Different types of power ups and curses
    • Buy things from the shop
    • Access bonus levels

Things I did not liked:

  • A lot of levels takes a while to complete without power-ups
    • Ex: One block is left but there’s unbreakable blocks in front of it, so you need to go around it
  • It gets boring after a few levels
    • It’s the same over and over with a slight change

Quick Review: World Of Goo


Developer: 2D Boy

Publisher: 2D Boy

Release Date: October 13, 2008

Played Platform: PC


Things I liked:

  • Interesting game mechanics
    • Different types of goo with unique characteristics
  • A lot of thinking in order to complete the level
  • Physics based
    • Need to balance the tower and use of balloons, etc.
  • Still hard to complete the level after watching a walk through
  • Reading the picket signs from the sign painter

Things I did not liked:

  • Options are non-existence
    • Can’t control the sound level
  • Story line is alright

Quick Review: NBA 2K17


Developer: Visual Concepts

Publisher: 2K Sports

Release Date: September 20, 2016

Played Platform: PS4

DISCLAIMER: This is only from playing MyCareer (1 season – 82 games) and being my first NBA 2K.

Things I liked:

  • Right analog stick (pro stick) for shooting and dribbling
    • Different release depending on the player
  • For hardcore basketball fans
    • Need to know the game of basketball (pick and roll, positions, reasons of the foul, etc.)
  • College experience story line
  • Playing from your POV
  • Orange juice with Justice Young!

Things I did not liked:

  • Right analog stick (pro stick) for shooting and dribbling
    • Accidentally do the ball behind the back move and lose the ball
  • A lot of loading times
    • Disrupts the flow of the game
  • Can’t walk/multitask
    • Reading text messages
    • Can’t move while doing different scrimmages (1-on-1, constant 3-on-3, etc.)
  • Wished I could open the calendar when I’m in the practice gym without going back to myCourt
  • Face customization
    • No description of where it’s changing; need to figure it out based on the image
    • No variety of skin color
  • Not a lot of colleges to choose from
  • Can’t start a conversation to other people from your phone
  • Don’t know when the hang out session ends when someone texts you to hang out
  • Can’t simulate the game and also be able to have the day off in the next day
  • Teammate AI sucks a lot of times
    • Even with a high reputation, teammates don’t pass you the ball when you ask
    • Accidentally passes again because the call button is the same button for pass (X)