Username Story

I used to play a lot of SuperHero Mod in CS 1.6. Suddenly, I saw a group of people with names like “Color+Word that ends with -lity” Ex: BlueBrutality. I asked them in chat if that was a clan thing and they said it was not. So, I decided to take on the name GrayMatality.

After couple years, I have been going by Gray, GrayM, and Gray[Matality]. One day (cannot remember the year), I decided to change my username because “matality” was not an actual word. I actually looked up “different types of blue” and stumble upon Aero (HEX: #7CB9E8). The word “mentality” was just something that I already kind of had. That is how aeromentality was created.

Variations: AeroMentality, Aero[Mentality], AeroM